Marble Price in Kerala | low price marble in Kerala

Marble Price in Kerala: Flooring is one of the most important part of a home. For some time now the flooring most people prefer to choose is marble. Marble is a material that can be used in good quality at low cost. But getting good quality marble at a low price is not an easy task.To get acquainted with a shop where you can get good quality marble at low prices.

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What type of marbles are available here?

Different models of marble are available here, such as Vietnam White and Indian Milky White. Also First quality marble is available here.

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You can choose good quality morzana marble for the price of Rs 190. Those looking for long slab can purchase approximately 4000 square feet of material here at a discounted price. It comes in about 8.5 inches wide.

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The marble for Rs 105 can also be selected as required. Marble King Morsana is a good moving material.

White Morsana is priced at Rs 120. The average size marble is priced above Rs 100. Those who make a large quantity purchase can also get a good discount.
Special patterned marble can be purchased at Rs.75.

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The whole Golden Morsana is available for Rs 60. Those who want the Semi Morsana can also opt for it. The Gray Color Marble is available for Rs 60. who want to buy all kinds of marble products at such a low price can contact the White Line Marbles&granite shop in Calicut. The contact number is given below. Labor will also be provided from the shop if required.

Contact- 8129467242

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