Highest Paying Jobs in the World

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What are the highest salaries for jobs in the world?There are many who hunt to jump from one job to another. Let’s look at best jobs for newcomers.

Electrical Engineer
It is the electrical engineer’s job to get the highest salary for graduates. The average annual salary is $ 61,400 (about 36 lakhs)

Software developer
They say that the IT boom has not ended yet. Software developers also get a good salary initially. The average annual salary is $ 59,800 (about 36 lakhs)

Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical was one of the most demanding courses in engineering colleges in our country. But in the case of mechanics, the mechanisms are not behind. The annual salary ranges from $ 58,000 (about 34.8 lakh).

Business Analyst (IT)
The job of a business analyst is the other one where the department has a good salary. Average salary is $ 54,000. About Rs 32 lakhs.

Supply chain analyst
The Supply Chain Analyst is not a job we know. Not bad in salary. An annual salary of $ 51,300 is available. (Rs 30.8 lakh)

Civil engineer
Civil engineering was also seen as not mechanical as mechanical. But it is not so bad. The annual salary is $ 51,000. (Rs 30 lakh)

Financial Analysis
Financial analyst is one of the best jobs in the economy. Annual pay of up to 50,600 dollars. (30 lakhs)

The auditor
Auditors are always a good demand. There will be no auditing companies. Salary will be $ 50000 per year (30 lakhs)

Operations Manager
Manager work is not easy. Especially the Operations Manager. But the Operations Manager has a good job in a beginner. Salary Rs 47,200 (around Rs 28 lakh)

Data Analyst
Data analysts will be working on it. Need to be cautious. The annual salary is $ 47,000 (about Rs 28 lakh)

Web developer
Website developers have a good demand today. There is not even a single institution that has no own website. The average salary is 45,900 dollars per year (around Rs 27.5 lakh)

Assistant Project Manager (Construction)
The construction sector does not always matter. The construction industry never ceases. The Assisted Product Manager is the best job opportunity in this sector. An average salary is $ 45,300.

Insurance Under Writer
Those who are interested in the insurance sector will like this job. Average annual salary is $ 44,600.

Those who are interested in trading will love this job. Average annual salary is $ 43,800 (about Rs 26 lakh)

Technical Writer
This job requires technical knowledge and a good language. They get an average of 43,500 dollars a year.

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