Cheap Price Home Interior Items in Kerala

Cheap Price Home Interior Items in Kerala : There is no one who does not like to beautify the interior of the house. Wallpapers can be used as design the interior at very low cost. But it is important to choose good quality wallpapers. Otherwise, they are more likely to peel off in hot and cold places. Here is a shop that offers good quality wallpapers and other interior accessories at a very low cost.

What kind of interior items are available here?

You can choose not only wallpapers but also a variety of accessories to beautify the interior. About 120 image water fountain designs are available here. Wall panels give a special look to the walls.

The top of the wallpaper comes in Chinese charcoal, korean type. The chinese type are more likely to quickly become a color fade when choosing. On the other hand, when choosing Korean charcoal wallpapers, It provid more quality than chinese.

It will be available in 80 to 90 colors on a single volume of paper. Charcoal wallpapers can solve the pest problems that arise when using ordinary wallpapers.

Good quality Korean charcoal wallpapers are priced at Rs 100 to Rs 200 per square feet. Mica laminated finish can be applied by cutting special wallpapers that can be used for paneling works.

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Stone panel model wallpapers are made in the same way as cladding works. These papers are mainly used for not only interior works but also for doing exterior works if required.

Leather type material is one of the most sought after items in the embroidery industry. If you choose the ones that are of good quality, you will have to pay a good price.But many of them choose different quality as per usage.

Terracotta model wallpapers that can be used for wash area that can be purchased from here in different designs. Multiwood partition used to separate the walls between different colors to choose the interior suitable today.

These are made of PVC board. Therefore, there is no doubt about the quality. Also the wallpapers made of paper should be of good quality and should be selected as required.

Acrylic laminate wall panels that can be made in the kitchen and the like add a lot of beauty to the look. All these are imported directly from Bombay to the shop. In addition, wall art clocks, decorative items and a variety of mirrora that can be used in the interior can be purchased from the shop at good prices and low prices as required.

Now you can also buy stairs of different colors required to provide a wooden type staircase in steel which is now highly mastered in the staircase.

The materials needed to make luxury sofas and the leg can be chosen to requirements. Those who want to buy good quality materials at very low prices can also contact the ‘Metalex Galleria’ shop at Mananthavady, Wayanad. Watch the video to know more. The contact number is given below.

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