Clay well ring | How to use clay rings for well

Clay well ring : The most important thing is to ensure the availability of fresh water to the house. Moreover, the water obtained does not have to be purified. During the monsoon season, wells in many houses are flooded. Clay rings is a remedy for all this. Learn more about the use of clay rings to cool and purify water at the same time.

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How to use clay rings for well?


Clay rings of various sizes and types can be used in wells. They can be used as the same way and reinforcement as regular concrete rings. They are made in such a way that a copper vessel can be compared to that ring.

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Small holes have been provided around them to allow the rings to descend into the well. Therefore, they also help in filtering the water falling into the well. Normal rings are completely closed without holes. These avoid filtering water.

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Clay rings are selected according to the depth of the well. The wells made of clay ring add to the beauty of the well.These can be used not only in new wells but also in old wells. The clay ring, which is made in 5 sizes, has a large ring at the top, six and a half feet in size, and a smallest two and a half feet in size.

They are constructed in such a way that they can be used in any well, old or new. The six-and-a-half foot ring is priced at around Rs 8,500. The ring is made by putting it in fire just like ordinary bricks. Therefore, there is no need to fear that they will break suddenly. The importance of such rings is not insignificant in ensuring the availability of clean water at all times. After the ring is lowered, they are wrapped around with either charcoal or baby metal and sand.

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Clay rings only has the same problems as when using ordinary ring. Excess waterborne problems can lead to minor algae and fungal infections. If there are any coconut or other trees near the landing part of the clay ring, cut them down and take care to lower the ring.

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