One Plus 1: Eye plus TV low price | 3 years warranty

Homes without at least one TV are scarce in our country today. Many people want to use a high-definition Smart TV. But when you approach the shop to buy a good quality TV, you have to pay a very high price. It is also doubtful whether the quality of the TVs available at low prices is good. At the same time, here is a shop that offers good quality TVs at very low prices.

What type of TV’s are available here?

TVs are available here that are available for the smallest penny and up to the biggest amount. TVs up to 84 inches in size can be purchased at a very affordable price.

Whichever brand of TV you choose, just check the barcode and verify the quality. A brand like LG can be barcoded and purchased on TV in this way. From here, the TV ‘s can be purchased not only for home use but also for schools and offices.

Smart TVs, which have become quite a trend in the market now, start at just Rs 2,499. Smart TVs ranging from 17 inches to 86 inches can be purchased from the shop as required.

Some TVs are manufactured on different panels with IPS and BOE.The Agencies took a large margin for buyers,that’s why regular shops have to pay higher prices for smart TVs and more. But here you can choose the TV of your choice at a low price as the products are brought directly from the company.

The shop offers another three years of warranty TVs purchased from. In case of any problems with this period, the part will be replaced. TVs will be delivered anywhere in India and warranty items will be replaced.

The TV made of metal body and back side made of copper and TVs can be purchased from here on demand. Those who want to buy Eye plus brand TV that is made in line with the best brands can contact Grace LJT, a company based in Gandhipuram, Coimbatore. Contact number is given below. Watch the video to know more.

Features That Stand Out

  • Crystal-Clear Display: Enjoy your favorite shows and movies in vibrant colors and exquisite detail with the Eye Plus TV’s state-of-the-art display technology.
  • Smart Connectivity: With built-in Wi-Fi and compatibility with a range of streaming services, this TV is a gateway to endless entertainment.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigating through content has never been easier, thanks to the intuitive interface designed with the user in mind.

Why Choose One Plus 1: Eye Plus TV?

Choosing the Eye Plus TV means opting for an entertainment hub that blends quality, innovation, and affordability. It’s not just a television; it’s a smart investment for those who do not wish to compromise on their viewing experience while staying within budget.

FAQs About One Plus 1: Eye Plus TV

1. What sizes does the One Plus 1: Eye Plus TV come in?

The Eye Plus TV is available in multiple sizes, catering to different room dimensions and personal preferences.

2. Can I connect the Eye Plus TV to my smartphone?

Yes, the TV supports screen mirroring and other connectivity options, making it easy to stream content directly from your smartphone.

3. Does it support 4K resolution?

Certain models of the Eye Plus TV support 4K resolution, providing crystal-clear images for an immersive viewing experience.

4. What warranty comes with the Eye Plus TV?

The Eye Plus TV comes with a comprehensive warranty, ensuring peace of mind for consumers regarding any manufacturing defects.

5. Are there any installation services provided?

Yes, One Plus offers installation services for the Eye Plus TV, making the setup process hassle-free for customers.

6. How does the Eye Plus TV stand out in terms of energy efficiency?

The Eye Plus TV is designed with energy efficiency in mind, ensuring that it consumes less power without compromising on performance.

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    Imported desk top(refurbished)
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