Wooden Doors Cheep Price in Kerala

Choosing doors and windows is one of the most expensive things in home construction. Getting good-quality wooden doors and windows is not an easy task. The higher the quality, the higher the price. Also, here is an introduction to a shop that offers doors and windows made of all types of wood in the most modern designs.

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Wooden Doors Cheep Price in Kerala


Today most people are looking for modern-style wooden doors and windows. This is a shop that makes it for those who need good quality doors and windows in the latest model.

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All types of wood are available here, including plywood and multi-wood. Also, each customer can tailor the doors to their needs. All the doors carved in different styles are available here. If you order online, the doors and windows will be delivered to your place by transport from here.

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Doors can be set in single colours or both as desired. You can choose good quality doors for Rs 2500. There will also be a variety of styles that offer brass, gold in between the woods.

All of these are included in the premium quality materials. Finished in walnut colour, the doors are priced at Rs 25,000. Chettinad-style doors in the premium range are also readily available here. All bedroom doors can be custom-made and also customized.

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The double doors, which can be used both in the interior and exterior in the same way, are very beautiful in appearance. Grilled versions of Dors are also available. A pu-finish accompanies these. The windows can be selected individually or in frame only as required.
With or without a window grill, you can customize it as needed. The Chettinad design door is available for Rs 35,000 with a good finish.

Those who want to buy all kinds of doors and windows at an affordable price can contact the shop ‘valgavalamudan Timbers’ Tirupur. The contact number is given below. Watch the video to learn more.

Malabar Associates Pavangad, Kozhikode 7356930107 9539366051


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