How to check the eligibility of Life mission list and how to reset Life mission password.

There are numerous people in the underprivileged section of society in Kerala who have the distant dream of having a home. The state government has developed a housing scheme called LIFE MISSION KERALA for offering financial assistance to the weaker economic sections and low-income groups to build their own home.

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This housing scheme helps to enable lakhs of homeless and landless families in Kerala, to build their homes and be a part of a growing society and earn a living. The mission was initiated in 2017 in association with Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. The ‘life mission’ housing program is a top priority project and planning to reach the target of building houses for 4.3 lakhs of people within 5 years.


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You have to meet the minimum criteria to be eligible for Life Mission beneficiary.

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The mission has identified around 100,000 people as beneficiaries under phase II. Let us see the criteria for LIFE mission eligibility. The beneficiary must be Landless or homeless and not be able to complete the house construction. People with serious/fatal illness, Mentally / physically challenged, Heterosexuals, widows and Unmarried mothers, and Unemployed due to illness/accident are also factors for choosing the Life mission beneficiaries.

After submitting the Life mission form, the authorities will verify and prepare the beneficiary list based on the assessment. Then the applicants will be added to the Life Mission Beneficiary List.

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Any applicant who wishes to see the complete Life Mission Beneficiary List in Phase 1 can log on to the official portal and download the updated list of beneficiaries. Also, the applicant can view the progress report on the ongoing project at any phase by logging in using the same credentials.

You can access the life mission website using the below link.

Currently, the Life mission has given access to reset the password for people who have forgotten their password.

Let us see how to reset the password if lost.

Log in to

  • 1. Go to the login section
  • 2. Enter your mobile number and select forgot password.
  • 3. Now you have to re-enter your mobile number
  • 4. You will receive your OTP on your given mobile number. Type the OTP and press Enter.
  • 5. Now you move to the Reset password screen, enter your new password twice to confirm, then select Re-enter password. Ensure you are using the mix of alphabets, and numerics with special characters to create your new password.
  • 6. Now the password has been changed and you will land on the home page again.
  • 7. Re-enter your login details with an updated password in the Login section.
  • 8. You have logged in successfully and can see the details of the submitted form in “VIEW”.
  • 9. Click on the View option and you will see the status of the application. You can find the name and details of the applicant there and if the status shows that “you are eligible ”, then the applicant is eligible for the benefit of Life mission. The next tab is for “appeal”. If the applicant is eligible, no need to go for an appeal.

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