KSBCDC Swasthya Griha Loan for House Maintenance In Kerala|

KSBCDC Swasthya Griha Loan for House Maintenance In Kerala| Irrespective of the dimension of your home, consistent maintenance and repair works are inevitable to ensure that your home looks noble and is in top condition for those living in it. Usually, the life span of buildings and houses is said to be longer and there are no set rules to calculate the lifespan of homes. Yet, the engineers assume the life of buildings to be 50 years. If your houses are more than 35 years old, then it is better to rebuild the structure rather than renovate it. However, detailed planning and a lot of money are necessary for renovating a house. And sometimes we may go for extending the house. The success of renovating a house greatly relies on how well we are prepared ahead. Renovating a building can bring about distinctive encounters which may need your detailed attention and it should be resolved before your dream home can begin to shape. Many issues do revolve around the costs of materials and resources.

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The only solution is to predict the hurdles prior to renovating the home and have an action plan to keep the work on track within your estimated budget. You must schedule the work and outline the jobs in the correct order. It’s better to have a checklist in hand prior to starting house renovation for an error-free construction.

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Kerala State Backward Classes Development Corporation Ltd (KSBCDC) provides loans named Swastha Griha Loan for House Maintenance and renovation. Kerala State Backward Classes Development Corporation Ltd (KSBCDC) is a Private Limited Company owned by the Government of Kerala, registered under the Companies Act 1956 on 28-02-1995. It has offices in all the 14 Districts of the State and is registered with The Reserve Bank of India as a Non-Banking Finance Company. The details of the Swastha Griha (House Maintenance) Loan are given below.

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  • Maximum loan amount – Rs. 5 Lakhs
  • Interest rate – 9%
  • Repayment period – 72 months
  • Age limit – 18 – 55
  • Annual income – Below Rs. 8,00,000

You can apply for a loan amount up to 5 lakhs using this scheme with an interest rate of 9%. You must repay the amount within 72 months and your annual income should not exceed more than 8 lakhs for applying to this scheme.

The KSBCDC is a fully computerized office and they monitor the activities completely online. They have tied up with SBI and South Indian Banks for your loan repayment facilities. You can definitely opt for KSBCDC loans due to certain factors like they have speedy loan disposal compared to other financial institutions, lowest interest rates, easy accessibility, and the rebate and discount they provide for prompt repayment etc.

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Their cordial relationship with applicants, entrepreneurship support, low processing fees and pre-closure of loans facility makes this scheme a popular one. You are welcome to apply for this loan and be a part of the success stories KSBCDC promote. Apart from the schemes of the Swastha Griha, KSBCDC is instigating other welfare schemes also for Minority and Other Backward Communities utilizing their own fund.

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