Sell Old Study Materials and Earn |Study pool Tutorial With My Earning Proof

Study pool is an easily accessible online platform that connects students with tutors and can get help from them in answering academic questions. It is a gigantic community of millions of students and enthusiastic learners.

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The study pool provides access to thousands of qualified tutors 24*7. You can sell your notes and assignment on this platform without any service charge and even work as a tutor. If you are a perfect note-maker, you can share your academic notes with the students through this platform. There is a huge demand for study material, and you can get a passive income selling study notes online. You can sell notebooks, examination papers, Question banks, lecture notes, class notes, and any other study material on all subjects here. The process is simple and you can upload the study material swiftly. The uploaded data will be used by students and you will get a passive income once it gets sold out. This is a boon to all students and anyone who to get a passive income from their old notes. In fact, the earning possibility would depend on the demand of the subject and the number of students who like your notes and download them.

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Irrespective of any subjects like Accounting, Biology, Computer Science, Law, Political Science, Business, Art and Design, Web Design, History, Biology, Politics, Psychology, Statistics, Excel, Java and Forensic Languages, there are customers to buy the notes.

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You can create an account and get registered to become a tutor as well. The study pool generally approves all requests to become a tutor. But be reminded of uploading your own documents and notes, otherwise, there is an approval system for the uploaded contents and it will get rejected due to the copyright issue. You can earn up to 5000 dollars in a month as passive income by uploading a maximum number of notes. For selling the notes, you should Signup and create your account. You can easily sign up by Clicking on the sign-up button on the home page. You should provide the E-mail address, choose your username, create your password and click on the create account. After finalizing your account, you can start earning money by selling your notes on the Study pool website.

There is an option to sell your documents and notes directly in your dashboard. Simply click on it and start Earning Money from the Studypool website. You can find an option to upload your notes and written documents to earn money. Just upload and start earning $10 per view. If the document gets sold 100 times, you will receive earn $1000 in your account. Try providing genuine and valuable notes and documents. It should be organized and categorized to get approval in the study pool. The payment method is safe and you can get the payment using Paypal, Western Union, and so on. There are sellers who have already earned 1 lakh dollars and you can withdraw the fund when the minimum earnings are at least $50.

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