How to build a beautiful wood stove

How to build a beautiful wood stove: Most people are wondering what can be done to alleviate the rising cost of LPG. But the solution of induction stove causes high current bill. Here is a unique stove system that can be used in such situations. Go to the factories that make such stoves, which are mainly made for commercial purposes but here they produce house purpose stove also. You can understand in detail their manufacturing method and usage.

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What are the features of this stove?

GE50 These are made using the same material. Items weighing 20 to 25 kg can be cooked in this oven. Therefore, they are mainly used for hotels.

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A blower is provided to fix the stove. They need to be adjusted and used in the right proportions. A special connector is provided to adjust the heat of such electric ovens.

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Then you need to cut the wood into small pieces. Once there is enough firewood inside the stove, you can burn it. Then the frame is fitted on the outside of it. The vessel is placed on top of the frame.

Iron used for casting has a good effect so they work better by heating more. They also help keep you warm longer. These are small in size and designed to be used for home use. Such stoves are very beautiful in appearance and work well. Another advantage is that the charcoal does not stick to the outside of the pot.

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Items weighing up to one kilogram can be cooked comfortably in a small oven. A blower with a capacity of 7.5 watts is used. For those who like these and order online, the goods will be couriered anywhere in India.

Those who want to buy such an efficient electric stove at a very low price can contact Sri Mahaguru Traders in Tamil Nadu. The contact number is given below. Watch this video to know more.

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