Best product for your walls- Ardex Endura WPM 300

Best product for your walls- Ardex Endura WPM 300: We all fall in love with those rainy days and Kerala is a place where we get rainy days for more than 200 days a year. The soothing and chilled rains arrive after the long sizzling summer since those days always bring a lot of joy and ecstasy. Yet, monsoon season brings some headaches too! There will be cracked walls, paint peeling off, damp patches, and water seepage in the monsoon season. The fungus may grow inside and may cause health issues in children and old age people living there. So we must take precautionary measures to prevent damage to walls and roof.

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The first and foremost precautionary measure against monsoon protection is using quality wall paints. Poor quality paint always causes the exterior surfaces to seep water and will cause deterioration of the wall surfaces and ultimately structural defects. Since this is the best time to choose the paint for exterior house walls with a good quality water resistance.


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Let us see which is the best waterproof product available in the market today.

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 Ardex Endura is the quality leader in the current market, supplying excellent building chemicals with supreme processing reliability for wall and roof protection. The product ranges from Tiling & Stone Care products, Industrial & Commercial Flooring Solutions, Waterproofing Systems, Concrete Repair, Decorative finishes, etc. ARDEX ENDURA is the final word for waterproofing solutions.

WPM 265 is an acrylic primer from Ardex Endura, which creates a positive bond between the substrate and most water-based coatings. It can be used in internal as well as external applications. You can use it for new and old concrete, Timber, compressed fibreboards, etc. You can use it for covering approximately 6 m²wall/liter. 

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WPM 300 is also another product from them, which is a water-based epoxy membrane. It is a high-build, water-based epoxy polyamide membrane/barrier coating with excellent resistance to hydrostatic pressure and a good bond to damp surfaces. You can use it for potable water tanks where a tough, hard-wearing protective surface resistant to corrosion, chemical attack, and bacterial growth is needed. You can cover approximately 1.5 m² wall/liter in 2 coats @ 600 microns WFT

WPM 310 is a tough, UV stable, flexible liquid applied waterproofing membrane with a high Solar Reflectance. It provides excellent heat insulation and energy efficiency for the building, drastically cutting the costs associated with the use of air conditioning. WPM 310 can be applied as an aesthetically attractive textured or semi-smooth finish for the exposed walls and is available in a range of standard colors. You can use it for covering approximately 24 m² in 2 coats @ 300 microns DFT

Ardex Endura Waterproof products will help to avoid the formation of wall cracks and damage on plastering since you can use this superior quality water-resistant paint for your home. Another important point to note is that painting your house wall during the rainy season is useless. It is perfect to get the walls painted during the summer season well before the beginning of the monsoon.

  • Excellent adhesion to damp surfaces and freshly laid green concrete.
  • Water resistant: prevents growing damp and efflorescence.
  • When applied without delay to the substrate the cured membrane will withstand hydrostatic pressure of 25 metre head of water.
  • When used moist on moist over WPM 2 hundred the cured membrane will resist hydrostatic pressure of 40 metre head of water.
  • Non-flammable and negligible odour: secure to apply in touchy places.
  • Can be overcoated the usage of nearly any ornamental or commercial finishing paint.
  • Conforms to requirements of CFTRI and global standards (AS/NZS 4020:1999 and BS 6920:2000) for use in touch with potable water.
  • Coverage:Approximately 1.Five m²/litre in 2 coats @ six hundred microns WFT
  • Pack Size: 20 Litres

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