All about KSEB Smart meter

All about KSEB Smart meter: If you are charging your electricity bill like a prepaid phone bill! Then your home will get the power supply for running lights and fans. This is the brand new update from our electricity sector. The central government is planning to implement the prepaid system in the electricity sector as well. Earlier, the Central government announced that a smart meter will be installed for all the KSEB customers for digital reading.

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KSEB recently implemented the self-meter reading system called KSEB digital meter/ Smart meter. It will take the readings from electricity consumption. Now, KSEB is preparing to introduce prepaid metering across different consumers, categorising several phases.

In the first phase, the project is focusing on high-tension consumers means those who consume more than 250 units a month. The first phase is about to complete the nationwide project before December 31, 2023. The state has decided to install 16 lakh smart meters in the first phase.

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In the second phase, the meter will be installed for low-tension consumers as well. In the third phase, around 32 lakhs low tension consumers will be swapped to KSEB smart meters.

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This is a smart electricity meter with a prepayment feature. If you charge the meter for a fixed amount, you can use the power supply. The emergence of prepaid meters, will reduce or eliminate fraud and also eradicate delayed payments as well. If you credit the amount for the meter, then you will get electricity. Usually, we get the bill after our usage, also after 2 months of domestic usage; but here the electricity is available if you have money on hand. However, from now you must make the payment in advance. If you don’t charge the meter, there will be no power supply.

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The main advantage of the meter is accurate bills with visible reading. You can top up easily and can control the electricity bill by yourself. You can easily switch between prepay and credit without needing an installer to visit your home.

Industrial users also may need to make the payment upfront. Sometimes the commercial units for production will be difficult to anticipate. But the cost of production must be calculated beforehand and must be paid before the production even gets to start.  Smart meters come with an in-home display screen showing exactly how much energy is used in pounds and in near real-time. The operation of the smart meter is simple. There is a button in the smart meter to display the readings and you will be able to see the value and code displayed on the meter and can also find the final reading of the previous KSEB bill. You will be able to see the energy used in the last hour, week and month, the level of current electricity use is high, medium or low real-time updates for electricity and half-hourly updates for gas etc. You will need to register your mobile with KSEB portals and will get an SMS on your registered number to submit your current meter reading.

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