How to earn 25,000 in a day –

How to earn 25,000 in a day –  Modern days , predictions and arguments are coming wrong. Belief and customs said there is partuiality between men and woman . Men has higher priority in the society , woman is underhelmed . There is no right for women to take rights or decision for her own . This system must be changed .

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There is right for each and every woman to take her own decisions in her life. Women must have the right to live free from violence and discrimination . But across the globe many women and girls still face discrimination on the basis of sex and gender . Rights has come to rule against women harasment for dowry system .

Some family in the curse due to there daughter’s sadness after marriage dowry problems. Everyone should be able to make decisions about their own body. Every women have the right to educate , to own equal wages etc.

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Every women will have a dream to earn by herself , to achieve her needs . Several women have powered to do a small home based busines or online works to earn money . Some are not agreed to do this due family insatisfaction . But that years are gone , now it is time fly like a free bird without any boundaries . Todays generation is smart and active to do things practically. There is no need of counsilors for their action . Women empowerment must come up. Empowerment means to accept womens view points and enable to enrich women status .

There are many women here and in gulf countries who work at home to earn money . There are many fields which help us to do this . It may be expensive or not , it will be upto your ideas . Women has different skills . They have their own ideas to win . It can be stitching , baking , teaching etc . We have example of muslim lady , who earns monthly 25000 as income . Lady who has settled in dubai , had a interest to earn money .

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So she has an idea of stitching curtains but not learned stitching anymore . But trying it and doing her job honestly she winned with top rating . Business progressed and arabs got interested in it . She had a advice is that to start the business with ideas which has more demand in that areas . Discouraging messages will be from the family and friends , ignore it and go ahead . So , standing free by your own earnings and skills make us proud women in the society .

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