Small Business Loan without security in Kerala – 2022

Small Business Loan without security in Kerala – One of the important level of our life is to built up a family life in a steady manner . It may have up and downs , but it is the responsibility of the guardian in the family to balance it and go forward . Major fact of this steadiness ia capital , if no capital , many problems have been faced by the family . capital depends upon the labour , the family guardian or father have . We can simply say that it is a chain like process , if one part is broken it will be unleveled . Each labour has its own importance . Some have worked as labour under companies or some other have entrepreneurs . Each entrepreneur controls many labour to achieve their goals . Their goals will help to fullfill the needs of the labour family . So , we say that each and every factor is co-related to family . It is a back to back process.

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As we said business man or entrepeneur is a pathway to labourers . Everyman has a dream to set a business of their own . Some of them will achieve it . Others will fail due to some stratergies. People choose their own small business to free up their mind or to become own boss . Owning a small busines may change lifestyle advantages . Some may sacrifice their time , money and life to builtup a new business of their passion . Their are advantages and disadvantages for owning a business . Many people only think of advantages such as full control of everything , including our income, expense an debt . Owner can take their own decision . You can set your own hour and decide when and where you want to work . Only importance is capital . capital depends upon the hardwork we have taken . To start a business, more money is needed . There are many sources which we can provide money.

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Many personal loans or business loans are provided by different means . Many offers will be given by different bank to provide loans to business man . There is a small finance bank named ESAF which provide loans to common people at low interest and no demands. Last year this small finance has been upgraded to bank status . So, this bank status will provide personal loans for all people with normal terms and conditions . Some what as we all know all the finance cooperate provide us loan only with nominee or strong bond. The best pecularity of this finance ( ESAF ) is they are providing us money without any nominee . They are only asking us our KYC ‘s and the main documents of our purpose , it may be business or some others. They have daily payments and weekly payments according to their interest . If our payments are updated , and all the conditions are obeyed , they will allow more amount loans for our business.

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So as we all know , every bank have different interest rates and several conditions . It is our personal choice to choose their source of capital. It may be different for different people . But only truth is that all of then are looking for low interest rates and quickly avilable at our needs . Each and every people in our society depend for loans for their personal needs such as marriage , education , business etc . Some are badly affected by loan through their interest and pending payable amounts . So, beware of it and choose the right option.

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