Very Fast Translation & Voice Typing App 2022

Voice Typing App : Modern technologies make humans think differently. All our systems are changed. Olden methods are quietly a dream for everyone. The use of electronic gadgets is overused by a new generation. In the olden days, letters were the only means of communication. People waited for days and months for each letter. Our dear ones in the Gulf countries in the olden days will be awaiting calls and letters from their own country. But all these systems have been changed. Today every migrant is near to us through electronic gadgets.  We can see them, and talk to them with a simple click. Various social media are available for this facility. Whatsup, Facebook, IMO, and bottom are such media. It may be difficult for people who are not able to know the format of typing. Not only typing, but language also may be difficult. Some may be fluent in our native language which is Malayalam. But typing format will be English. So it may feel a little tough to communicate. A voice facility is also available in these apps. People with known experience will be able to use it. But people have a dream to communicate in their language.

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There is happy news that reveals new modern apps are introduced by google to make typing easier than before. Google play store provides us with two apps for free download system voice typing in Malayalam. Gboard and Indi keyboard application. Both are keyboard application that makes typing easier. Gboard app is preferable because of its extra features over typing. The operating method of the Gboard app is quite simple and can be completed with several steps.

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Downloading the app is the first stage we have to overcome. After that process app must be opened on your phone. When the screen appears there is an option to enable it in the settings, after clicking the button, the page appears to manage the keyboard settings. There we can see google voice typing is activated, we must activate the above Gboard option also. Then click the ‘ok’ button for the message on the screen. Next, an option comes to select the input method, English Gboard must be selected.

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By this, we can change the language of the keyboard. To proceed now click the next option to allow permission. Then ‘ok’ must be clicked for upcoming all messages. The next screen will appear as we have done all the procedures. Now we must change some settings in the language. An option to use the system language must be inactivated and select the English and Malayalam options. Next is the important step we have to do. Select the voice typing option from the settings and change the language. Inactivate the English option and select the option Malayalam at the bottom.

At last click the save button to complete the process. Now leaving the page from Gboard, we can use the social media in which we want to communicate in the Malayalam language. If whatsup is used, the keyboard will appear in the English language, by a long press on the space bar we can change the keyboard language to Malayalam or voice typing method. It makes our work easier without confusion. Thus modern techniques are arrived to give rest to our minds and fingers. Say what you want and translate it to the same language. Easier technique with less work and consuming more time.

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Today we introduced the best app to translate voice into words. The download link of the original and easy-to-use app is given above.Very impressed with this app. Very sensitive to pronunciation and very reliable in transcription. All the best

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