Secret Settings Solve Phone Hanging Problem

Secret Settings Solve Phone Hanging Problem: Many apps are available today to communicate, play games, make online payments, order food and shop. Therefore, most people have become a part of the digital age. But most of the time, phone hanging is a major problem that most of us face while using smartphones.

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Often when I pick up my phone and open the app for essential things, it hangs. Because the number of applications used on the phone is often high. Let’s see what remedies can be done to prevent the phone from hanging. Watch the video below

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By making a small change in the settings of the smartphone, you can avoid the condition of phone hanging. For this, open the settings option on the mobile phone and select the ‘About Phone / About Device’ option below. You will find your phone name in the ‘Build Number’ section. Click on it you will see ‘No need you are already a developer’ and then you will get developer option. When you click on the developer option, turn on the option shown above as OFF and enter it. Options like window animation scale and transmission animation should be turned off.

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What happens when you do this is that when you click to open an application, it usually takes 0 to 4 seconds to open. Turning off the above options does not take much time to turn on. After taking 0.2 seconds the application will turn on. The time the phone needs to work to open the application is reduced. This reduces the load caused by opening multiple applications at the same time. This will reduce the lag when opening applications on your phone. This method is definitely helpful to make the phone work smoothly.

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