How to Start a Slipper Manufacturing Business in Kerala

How to Start a Slipper Manufacturing Business in Kerala : Today I am going to describe a venture that has the potential to generate very good income. It is about slipper making. As a self-employed enterprise, if the owner also works with the workers, shoe making is definitely a very profitable business. Earlier it was made using manual machine. Machinery and raw material are mostly sourced from North Indian locations. Machine and raw materials can be purchased through India Mart website

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Here I am describing how to start this venture in a small way with an investment of Rs 1 lakh. The manual machine is priced at Rs 20,000. But the construction and its finishing is not so good, because of that it will be difficult to start with manual machine. Also workers are needed more

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Let’s see how to make it using a power press machine, or an electric machine. 600 work slippers can be made in a day using this machine with 2hp motor. It can be done with the machine in the room at home.

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The machine comes with dies that can produce different sizes, a grinder for side finishing and a strap tightening system. The price of the machine ranges from Rs 45,000 to Rs 65,000. The rubber sheets needed to make chappals are available from Rs 200 and up. A pair of straps costs between Rs 8 and Rs 12.

About 13500 rupees per sheet will be required to make 600 pairs of chappals. The straps will cost Rs 7200. 22000 per day including salary of employees. Can be sold for around Rs.65. Then you will get Rs. 39,000. Profit Rs.17,000.

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