LIFE Mission – Government of Kerala-Life Mission Housing Scheme Kerala Government

“Home is the starting place of love, hope, and dreams.” Home is built not with bricks or wood, but with the bond of the family. Home is comforting and filled with memories. The dream is luck, which comes as a result of hard work. When our dream come true it will be the most precious moment in our life. Dreams will be different for different people. Home is the dream of many people because it is one of the few things that give happiness and comfort to everyone.

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A dream home should be a place where the person finds comfort, no matter where they go, they will find peace in that one place. Different ideas generate for people while planning for their future home lives. They quite think to be home which looks rich and luxurious. Everyone will be not financially fit to set up a new home. Setting up your dream may undergo certain circumstances.

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Capital is the main problem for every people to fulfill their home. Many people go in search of loans to meet their building expenses. Liabilities come back along with the loan. It makes human sense. The major fact of this steadiness is capital, if no capital, many problems have been faced by the family. Capital depends upon the labor, the family guardian or father has. We can simply say that it is a chain process, if one part is broken it will be unleveled. Each labor has its importance.

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A dream home can be achieved only by this capital otherwise we search for loans. The government made many missions to provide houses for landless people. Life mission is a policy like this. The objective of the life mission Scheme is to provide a safe and decent housing system to all the landless, landless-homeless, uncompleted houses and those whose existing housing is not renovated in Kerala within the next five years.

This is beneficial to people with disabilities, widows, and those who are unable to earn an income due to illness or accident. Also, the Kudumbashree workers will directly identify the eligible families who are not included in these lists. Many people have applied for this on the site [email protected]. Applied people can verify further updates from this link.

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From this link, you can check whether you are included in the list. Everyone has the confusion that if we are included in the list, surely, we will get the home scheme. There is a 70% chance for this but after the meeting of the committees of grama sabha, it will be decided. It is according to the mark given. It can be checked from the list. When you check the list the number will be provided to know your status. All the doubts can be cleared from this site. Please be in mind it is allowed to people of certain criteria. Low-class people can use this scheme to achieve a dream home. Renovation of the house will also be done in this policy. It also has certain steps to do. An appeal must be given for it. Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you may take in your lifetime, and if you are considering applying for a home loan, it can become an even bigger decision. So be part of this, and achieve your dream home.

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