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Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family. Family is the best example of love and happiness. Every member of the family will coexist at led a happy atmosphere. To maintain a good family life certain criteria must be followed. All need money to meet their daily expenses. Household items are very costly in today’s life. Each item must be carefully used for future gatherings. No one is thinking about the future everyone is living in the present. In future generations, double today’s price will be for household goods. Some may not be able to afford these expenses due to their low income. They may not be satisfied with their job due to income. This income will not meet daily needs. It will be just an adjustment process. Grocery products’ price is increasing rapidly in the market. All the products needed for our lifestyle are increasing, which makes us tough to face it.

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If all the groceries are available, the main thing needed is a gas stove and cylinder to make a meal. Now firewood stoves are not seen in the homes. The decrease in firewood is the reason for it. All trees are cut off and make different changes in society. Nowadays LPG is used in every home to prepare food in the kitchen. Modern technologies make humans think differently. All our systems are changed. Olden methods are quietly a dream for everyone. During every stage of life, people are busy setting up their careers. They are running like a metro to fulfill their needs and built up a better future. Everyone thinks if there was an option to make things easier a simple step. Which helps them to save time and enjoy the rest of their life. But today it is difficult, the price of LPG gas is increasing to a great extent. Gas must be used carefully, we must afford 12000 rupees a year for a family to face gas expenses.

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Now a remedy for this problem is invented. The modern world makes solutions for this difficulty. The professors of the electrical department of engineering at NIT Calicut get an idea about this. Its main source is solar. An idea comes to mind, why we can’t introduce a solar stove that works with the help of sunlight. The main feature of this project is it has 3 flexibilities. The first preference is for sunlight. If there is heavy sunlight, the stove will work only with the help of this light. If sunlight fades, it can be worked with batteries. Without these 2 options, we can use the stove by plugging it into the switchboard.

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It is used and projects successes by using it in tea shops near roadsides. Their panel can be placed on the top and the stove can be used to prepare food. Else in the remote forest areas, military applications where we want the source to cook can use this solar stove. Only sunlight is needed. Mat model panel is available for travel purposes. It can be used in homes by setting a panel on the top terrace and working it. It is quite women-friendly with simple steps. The single stove is for 10000rupees and the double stove for 15000 rupees. The main motive is to cook food using solar panels. So it will be a good idea for the humans suffering from the increased gas rate. It will reach the markets with branded names. All the best to fight against gas cylinders using solar panels.

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