How to Add Location in Google Maps

Google Maps has always been immensely useful for finding your way around the city or town you live in. But did you know that you can add location information to your maps too? This can be incredibly helpful if you’re trying to plan a trip to a different part of the world, or just need to find your way around your own neighbourhood.

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How to add location in Google Maps

Google Maps lets you add locations by typing in the address or latitude and longitude coordinates. Once you’ve added the location, Google Maps will display the map with the location highlighted.

To add a location:
1. Open Google Maps on your computer.
2. Type in the address or coordinates of the location you want to add.
3. Click on the map to open it.
4. Near the bottom of the window, click on Add Location.
5. Enter the address or coordinates of the location, and click OK.
6. The map will now show the location highlighted in red.

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How to remove a location from Google Maps

If you want to remove your location from Google Maps, follow these steps:

1. Launch Google Maps.

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2. Tap the Menu button and select Settings.

3. Under “Maps,” tap on the “Location” tab.

4. Under “Location History,” select the time range for which you want to view your location data (recent, past 7 days, or all time).

5. Under “Status,” select either “Enabled” or “Disabled.” If you deselect “Enabled,” Google Maps will not track your location when you’re using it, but continue to store your data if you enable it. If you deselect “Enabled,” your current position and direction will be hidden from other users of Google Maps.

How to add a business to Google Maps

Google Maps can be a great resource for finding businesses in your area. You can add businesses to your map by entering their address or website into the search bar on the map homepage.

How to remove a business from Google Maps

If you own a business and would like to have it removed from Google Maps, there are a few steps you can take.

First, log in to your Google Maps account. Then go to the Businesses section and find the business you’d like to remove. (If you don’t see the Businesses section, make sure you have the latest version of Google Maps.)

Next, click the red “x” next to the business’s name. This will remove the business from Google Maps completely.


Adding location to Google Maps is a simple process that can help you find everything from nearby restaurants to the best hiking trails. Here are some tips on how to add location in Google Maps:

1. Open Google Maps and click the “add location” button.

2. Enter the address of where you want to locate your map or type in latitude and longitude if you know them.

3. To specify a map view, choose from “satellite,” “street view,” or “hybrid.”

4. If you want to add your location manually, enter your coordinates into the text box below the map. You can also add notes about your location if you want.

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