Smartphone and computer addiction can cause blindness

Being addicted to your smartphone and computer can increase the risk of blindness.

Some precautions can take before continuous computer use makes us sick

There are a number of health problems that are often seen in the computer. The main categories are categorized according to which parts of the body are most affected. Carpal tunnel syndrome, computer vision syndrome, and bone marrow problems are important.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

This is the problem seen in regular computer users. The carpal tunnel syndrome (idiot) is a condition in which the hands and feet are felt.

When you work with your fingers and hands, your nerves in the palms will feel squeezed, painful and flipping. If you do not get rest for hands then your pain and irritations will grow and the hands become weak. The keypad and mouse are erroneously inserted, typed without interruptions, and so on.

Resting hands and cold packages for work, carpal tunnel is a temporary source of relief. However, if the disease becomes severe, it will be necessary to rust splitting, medicinal treatments, and surgery. Even if the drugs and treatments are uncomfortable, the problems that are likely to cause computer crashing will come back when old habits repeat. You need to make the necessary adjustments in your computer use.

Adjust the mouse to the keyboard.

Place it for free so that the hands can not be taken from the shoulder

The hands of the hands will be parallel to the edge or a little lower.

The fingers need to be around naturally in the mouse and keypad

Type only by fingerprints.

Use all the voices while typing.

Do not tap in the chair, table, or wrist pad.

Take rest periodically when you have to type constantly. Move your fingers to the hips, repel, and repost.

See doctor if your pain and irritations increase

Computer Vision Syndrome

Long-term care in the computer monitor creates a great deal of eye. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is the name commonly addressed by problems such as pain and distress in computer users’ eyes. Studies have shown that 50-90% of IT professionals are experiencing some kind of problems. CVS is also common in children using computer and videogames.

The main symptoms of long-term use of computer are the dimensions of the eyes, the twin visuals, the drying of the eyes, the redness of the eyes, the ulcer, the irritability, headaches, neck and back pain. With the slight improvement in working conditions, you can resist these unrest.

Monitor 60 cm from the body M away.

Adjust the upper part of the monitor to the eye.

Stay tuned in front of the monitor.

Reduce the monitor’s brightness.

Adjust the brightness, contrast, and font size on the monitor properly.

Occasionally laugh at the computer for long time. Give eye rest for every 20 minutes.

Eye should be exercised in many distant objects.

Avoid falling light on the monitor light.

If the light on the monitor is blinking, fix it.

Clean the dust from the monitor and clean it.

If necessary, use anti-glare glasses.

If you are experiencing problems in your eyes, seek treatment.

Those who work long hours on the computer can make a thorough examination of the year.

Bone and muscle issues
The study found that 67 percent of IT professionals are experiencing such problems. Problems occur mainly in the neck, outer and tops. Most of the neck and pain in the neck. Apply to the front of the monitor, sit down, put your legs in the wrong position, bend the neck. When employing a phone call between a mobile ear and a cheek, and a long time sitting on the same seat, the neck and bones are constantly handed over to the muscles.

Avoid situations that cause pain and disturbance, which is a great way to cure and defend them.

Adjust the chair according to the height of the worker

Raise your head, raise your head, put your eyes up and stand up in the right way.

Keep the feet on the floor in the right way.

The hips should be slightly lower than the hips.

Hold down the shoulders and sit backwards.

Adjust the height of the foot and hold the feet firmly on the floor and sit on the chair.

The rear wheel should be 100-110 degrees, but behind the wheel. The chair should be placed behind the chair properly.

Sitting in a chair that is strong and sparing to the spine. Use a cushion or a towel behind the typical chair.

When you have to type in the paper and type it in the form of a typewriter, look up the paper and hold it in a holder.

Stand up from the chair at least once an hour and move your hands and feet to stretch and stretch.

Stir occasionally and drink water. Drink water at half a liter of water a day.

Relaxation therapy, body breathing, breathing exercises, dancing etc are important for the body and mind.

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