Kerala employment exchange : Self Employment Schemes

Kerala employment exchange : It’s a great way to get started business. There is a lot of people who are struggling to get started.

Name registration and renewal is done online at Employment Exchanges in the State. This will be the government order immediately. Employement registration and renewal process will be online completely from November 1st.A separate website for Employment Directorate will come into effect. The facility will be available at any Employment Exchanges in the State and any name in the world. The registration number will be available soon.

It is sufficient to have a certificate of attachment to the respective Employment Exchanges for this purpose. The name should be registered within three months. All educational attestations can be added along with registration.No further registration is required for professional and executive Employment Exchanges. The website has a special link for it. There are 84 Employment Exchanges in Kerala. Currently 34,93,822 are registered.

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