Quail farming business plan

The pharmacopuses of quail eggs and meat are known since ancient times. There are more possibilities for quailing in Kerala.

  • Less space available.
  • Less capital
  • Relatively healthy birds.
  • From 5 weeks of age can be sold.
  • Early sexual maturity starts at the age of 6-7 weeks.
  • Egg production increased by more than 280 years
  • Less than chicken, less of fat Body and body growth will improve.
  • Quail eggs are equivalent to nutritionally chicken eggs. They have less cholesterol.
  • Quail meat and eggs are nutritious for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

The pharmacopuses of quail eggs and meat are known since ancient times. There are more possibilities for quailing in Kerala. It is not easy for women self-help groups and individuals to implement this work that is easy to implement. Those who do not have access to space can also grow quails in houses.

The life cycle of the Japanese quail is very small. There will be three to four generations a year. The food shortage is relatively small because it is too small. About 8-10 quails can be grown in a suitable place for growing a chick. They are also less prone to diseases. There are various sub-types in Japanese quails. White and white quails are also available for egg and meat.
Quail farming is an initiative to get a little over time. Female quails starting from egg when they reach the age of six are laying eggs until about 52 weeks. One quail egg weighs about 10 grams

You can expect a quail of 280-300 eggs. You can market when you are old. Quails should be allowed for 16-18 days. Quails can be raised in nests or in deep litter. In any case, it is better to construct sheds in the direction of the east and west. The quails should be given artificially warm up to two or three weeks. A baby can put a bullet into a bulb and a bulb.

As cage-based conservation, 100 quails of 0-2 weeks can be constructed in a three-feet-2 feet width of 1 feet in height. 60 grove quails of 306 weeks old can be reared in a four feet ft 2 ft wide-10 inch tall cage. But the 20 nadu quails (7-52 weeks old) are just two feet long and 10 inches wide-10 inches wide. For preparing food and water, prepare a separate facility on the side. Compared to the deep litter system, it is easy to care for the quails that grow in cages. Not only that, but also less space.

About 70 percent of the quail farming is feed. The ‘starter feed’ that gives the first three weeks is 27% methium and 2800 kcal per day. In laying eggs, 22 per cent of protein (protein) and 2900 kcal are required. The kakappi paddy should be included in the feed of quail eggs. A quail made up to 400 grams of feed up to five weeks old. Then feed 25 grams per day. A quail requires 8 kilograms a year for a year. When the balances for the quails are made, yellow sandwiches, rhizomes, seaframe, sesame oil, fish oils, salt, bones, kakappodi, mineral waters and vitamins are required. The feeders of the crops can also be given to some quarters. The feeder used for breast feeding can be converted into quarry by mixing 100 kg of 20 kg of fish, five kilograms of chocolate pumpkin and 6gms of vitamin

Like the chicken, it is a bird that can give us the meat and eggs. Quails can not be opened as they grow, but can not grow the quails. Quail meat and egg are rich in nutrients and are immune.


In the courtyard and the ground

In the courtyard and in the terrace, the quail can be grown easily. Eight to 10 quails will be raised in two square meter area. Six weeks old weeds can be reared in cages. Thicks made of wooden frames are good. The wires on the bottom of the cage must be the way the trick goes out. Each door should be on the two sides of the cage. Place the rice on top of the rain and the ground in the undecominal area. The light bulb should be given during night time.

The feed is important

Six years old, the quails will grow and the egg begins to grow. More and more food this time. Leaf feed and azolla are rich in protein. Quails typically have eggs in the afternoon and at night. Between eight to 25 weeks the quails should be thoroughly fed. One year there is a quail about 300 eggs. You can sell the male quails from the age of six. The male climbers below the underside are dark brown in color and black patches on the young brown trunks. Quail is a highly resistant bird. However, you can also get rid of quail cancer by giving clean and neutral feed. Vaccinations are available from the hospitals.

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