Fatty liver, symptoms

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The liver is one of the most important parts of the human body. It is located on the upper right side of the stomach. Weigh approximately one and a half kilograms.

The liver has many jobs. We eat food that we eat in the stomach and colon. Later, blood goes into the liver. The liver changes the food as nutrients for the body. In addition, the formation of ammonia which occurs when the proteins break apart is removed by urea through the kidneys. Many poisonous substances that enter into food are converted to liver irritants.The cholesterol in the liver is essential to the body. But when this substance occurs, it creates a problem for the heart and blood vessels.The cogalation factor’s liver is made of blood shedding. Glucose, iron, and vitamins provide liver for future needs.

1. Fatty liver

Generally a small amount of fat is present in the liver. Sometimes the fat liver is fatigued. This is called fatty liver. This is due to excess fat burning. Or maybe the liver is unable to deal with the fat that has arrived. Sometimes this fat affects the liver function. Fatty liver disease is the fat that lasts more than 10% of the liver.The fatty liver is due to various reasons. The main reason is the excessive use of alcohol. But in recent years, the disease has been found to be a great source for alcoholics.

  1. Obesity,
  2. More cholesterol in blood
  3. Diabetes
  4. Tradition
  5. Lean quick body
  6. The side effects of some drugs
  7. Pregnancy

Most symptoms are not externally symptomatic. Sometimes the upper part of the stomach is disturbed. The liver may have been found to be large when examined.As the fatty liver’s hardening increases, the liver’s cells lose much more. More than half of the cells will be fibers. When this happens, fibrosis occurs. Liver cirrhosis is the result. This condition does not show a symptom initially. But the next step is the complete failure of the liver function. This is known as Hepatitis Failure. It is a deadly disease like a Heart Flayer and Kidney Failure. The symptoms include jaundice, mucosal (water strain in the stomach), juice and blood vomiting. The worst disease of the brain causes the loss of sensation.

1. Our food must be suitable for our body. You must abstain from what is known as fast food, or scratching oil.

2. Alcohol is the greatest enemy of the liver. It is sure that cirrhosis can occur if you consume more than 120 ml of strong alcohol (2 large pug whiskey or brandy rum). Alcohol is very bad in women. Strong drinks can also be dangerous. Cirrus is sure to drink 750 ml of beer everyday 500 ml of wine. The best way to avoid liver damage is by stopping alcohol

3. If the body is overweight, it must be gradually reduced. But the liver is not good at lowering weight.

4. Exercise daily gives you liver health. Keep at least 30-40 minutes a day for at least five days a week.

Avoid drugs that are harmful to the liver. The liver can be damaged when the paracetamol used is the most common. Drugs used in tuberculosis can sometimes cause problems.

6. The liver is well known for its ability to repair the damage. There are some medicines that can help with this. But life-style health change is the most convenient way to get rid of liver disease.

7. Cirrhosis can not be complete without cirrhosis. When this disease is hard, there is a problem like jaundice, blood vomiting and unconsciousness. At this stage, it may have been saved for awhile due to intensive care. But liver transplantation is the only antidote when all herbs fail.

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