See Careful Things to Give Children to Toy : Dr Jijo Cheriyan Speaking

See Careful Things to Give Children to Toy . Are you doing every little thing and doing so, are your parent’s backed child saying, ‘Do it?’ If you are a parent who is overpowering children, let’s hear this too.

The helicopter parenting or overpowering children are the children who are parenting their children in their lives.
The kids are always guided, what to play, how to play with a toy, ask them to clean the place, get more string, and these are the symptoms of the helicopter parent.

Children of the helicopter parenting will be much more difficult to adjust to school and society. Parents can not survive challenging challenges when they do not have excessive interventions and excessive controls and can succeed in life.The University of Minnesota university researchers studied 422 children in the US and Switzerland at the age of two, five and fifteen. The study of eight years of research has been published in the American Psychological Association Journal, ‘Development Placement Psychology’.At the age of two, those who are under heavy control of the parent have seen emotional control and control over the age of five.The emotional child at the age of five will have less emotional problems on the 10th year. Besides, they will have better social skills and more productivity.
Parents who do not have to exercise their control over the age of 10 will find that they are experiencing emotional and social problems and that they will be better off.

Children need to learn how to control their feelings and how to improve their behavior. The excessive control of the parents eliminates these skills in children.Some of the children growing in parental oversight will become opposed to everyone. Some will become silent, others will become frustrated.Give a space (space) for children to grow and gain self-knowledge. If you do so, they can deal with any race you encounter. Those with mental health and physical health will also have a healthy social relationship and will have academic success.Parents can help their children to control their emotions. Speak with them in love, and try to understand them. Give some guidelines for promoting positive thinking, color, singing, deep breathing, contemplation in the quiet place and telling them many ways.

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