What is difference between LiFi and WiFi?

Li-Fi technology, is a system that uses light instead of radio signals.Li-Fi is wireless communication technology, which utilizes light to transmit data and position between devices.


The various ways to connect to the Internet can connect around the clock without regard to location. Whether you are in front of a PC or airport on your smartphone, there is a very easy way to connect. This is Wi-Fi.

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Once again discovered in the 1990s, Wi-Fi today uses more than half of the world’s Internet connections. Because technology uses radio waves to transmit data, WiFi is available everywhere, from hotels to car parks and bus terminals.

Even in remote locations that connect to the Internet can easily connect to Wi-Fi. In fact, Wi-Fi is popular, and people make mistakes for the Internet. People who want to travel a lot or want to save it on internet bills This is dangerous, but the public is using Wi-Fi but this is another subject.
So imagine a world that connects to the internet. What if we were connected to the Internet using light bulbs at home?

Do not laugh at it yet. If everything goes true, the LED bulbs in your home will connect you to the high speed wireless internet connection without any problems. Technologies are called LiFi and experts predict it will replace WiFi in the future. Transformer, Fast and Furious, AJs, Jason Bourne, Star Trek etc. Many of the Star Wars movies have no reason to look at the movie (The Force Awakens), but this is another subject.

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