things Indians must never carry when travelling to gulf

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things Indians must never carry when travelling to gulf

Kerala is one of the world’s most obsessed with foreign tourists. Every day, the number of flyers from the UAE and other Gulf states and Kerala is huge. About 90% of people are traveling abroad from Kerala to search and work. The decades long exodus tradition remains forever and ever. The Gulf’s influence on the lifestyle and lifestyle of Malayalee is very high.

Not even a Malayalee who owns a gulf in his own classroom. Gulf influence in Kerala is so strong. This is why the news becomes relevant. There are a lot of people who are imprisoned in the Gulf for a crime that they never knew before. It is important that the authorities are banned by the airport from our hands and the subsequent legal proceedings. Many of those things are plain and more frequent in the country. And maybe from their home to give to friends.

People do not know the control and ban in each country. The gravity of these laws is that if some goods are captured, there can be a non-bailable offense even for some 24 years and even death.
A number of Arab countries have strictly stricter the existing law to safeguard the extent of drug abuse. Accordingly, some of the things that are used regularly in the country are forbidden and punishable there.

Cascade is one of the many foodstuffs here. The main ingredient from biryani to kulukki surb. Even Cuskus is now banned there at the airport, even if Cescas finds it is a great punishment. Similarly, there are many painkillers, such as tablets and titles. Drugs like Drmodol, a regular pain killer, are the most commonly used medications in our country and are in the category of Drugs in the Gulf Kingdom.

These drugs are known as the full controlled drum. The prescriptions of prescription drugs should be done at the consulate in U A Embassy in Thiruvananthapuram and take care of this certificate along with the drug. Remember that the validity of this certified certificate is a maximum of one month. There are also medications that are not allowed to carry with them and their information will be available from there.Tell friends not to get out of the airport because they do not even think in mind, to avoid getting legal punishment and punishment.

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