Sugar: A white poison

Sugar was once called “white death”. It deserves 100% of this title.

Your senses are sweet, but the body is really bitter. You may feel better because of the beta-endorphins in the brain, but in the long term the immune system is very bad. We talk about ‘sugar’, if it is not only the poison for the human body, but in the restricted way. Crystal cubes also cause many health problems from making cancer in the tissue elasty. It’s easy to say that it’s not harmful to the surgeon. Read below to learn more.

Daily consumption recommended by my opinion of sugar should be zero. However, guidelines for women are 6 tbsp and Rs 9 for men. An average nutrient contains 40-47 cups of sugar per day. One day your weekly allowance.Alcohol is sugar. Do not get me wrong here, I repeat – alcohol is sugar. It is a pure sugar, and more of it is a fermented sugar. It is said that the fuam is half-burnt. Alcohol is a very pure substance. Vitamins, minerals, or enzymes enter the body while entering the body. Sugar products should pass through the digestive system before entering the bloodstream. However, alcohol is soon absorbed into the stomach directly into the bloodstream. Drugs store magnesium, insulin, vitamins and minerals. This helps to maintain blood pressure and maintain pH balance.

The human body has been designed for glazed carbohydrates that are found in glucose, as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. This glucose gradually releases blood from the blood and absorbs the main nutrients from them. Require insulin work from pancreas to glucose sugar in your body. The body is fed with the right foods, reducing the amount of sugar in the blood and the small amount of insulin is the glucose. This process of smooth running the body, the stability of the energy levels, the mind and the body are balanced and nutritional. When eating bad foods, refined foods and sugar, the body is sent out as overdrive. Glucose spreads rapidly in the flow of blood, and sends pancreas to produce enough insulin to handle pancreas. This creates a steady blood sugar “high” glucose. It is gradually grown with insulin, and the body is paralyzed, tired and diminished. The sugar is then set to “cheap”, and it’s time to eat again. Eventually the body is unable to slow down the consumption of this sugar. The brain has a relatively few efficient memory slows and the disease continues.

Nature has given us the sugar in the form of sugarcane and sugarcane. When analyzing sugar cane and perfumes, it is important that our body must be converted to all molecules of sugar. But in its natural form the sugar or sugar beet is not taken. We throw out the sugar from them and throw everyone else. Our sugar is like that processed sugar bow. We absorb and seize nutrients from our bones, muscles, brain and other tissues. For instance, the body needs 56 mm of magnesium to make methoblasses of a sugar molecule. Consuming processed carbohydrates and sugar is one of the main reasons for lowering magnesium in our modern society, leading to high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and nostalgia problems. Sugar contains type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, kidney disease, liver disease, obesity, and depression. All teaspoons sugar and the immune system will weaken up to 6 hours. If you are unlikely to get sick, it can be a huge amount due to your sugar consumption. Sugar Gut Flora is harmful, which promotes the growth of caribar albicans, promotes the growth of parasites, worms, and nudity. Tissue livestock can attack the immune system and toxins and enzymes produce. Cancer cells increase the growth of sugar and cancer cells, like sugar.

It is difficult to find any foodstuffs in everywhere on the cleansed surface, and in addition to it. Crackers, biscuits, slices, bread, pastries, pastas, chocolates, sweets, jams and breakfast cereals are very processed carbohydrates and sugar. A bottle of breakfast will start your day in the first round of sugar in the blood sugar. The producers of these grains claim that they will get all the fibers you need in a bowl of their product. Unfortunately, this is a wrong type of people. In the morning coins, fibers are fittings – connecting essential minerals and extracting it from the body so that the minerals will destroy you. Sweet drinks (popes, coconuts, lemonades, etc.) are a great source of sugar. It may contain 5 to 10 teaspoons of sugar. Tinil soup, baked beans, canned food, ready-made dinner, and processed sugar are processed.

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