Taxi, auto drivers no longer require a commercial license

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The government has done away with the requirement of a commercial licence for driving taxis,


Drivers need badge to drive taxis from now on. Only normal driving license is enough. The order was issued by the Union Transport Ministry. The order was issued in the backdrop of the Supreme Court judgment in July last year. All the states have a central direction to order.Commercial licenses were also mandatory for running taxis, three-wheelers, e-rickshaws, bicycles (for commercial use). This is now excluded. But badge is a must for truck, bus and other large commodity vehicles.

“We are committed to improving the employment opportunities of lakhs of drivers,” the ministry officials said. This will be the end of corruption for allowing badge.

Each state has separate laws. It’s a very bad idea for me. This depends on the state you live in. Some cab companies hire Cabis multiple cabs, all of them are inscribed. It’s a little shadow. Most licensed taxi companies have more insurance coverage, depending on the state in which you live up to $ 300,000 or $ 500,000 for $ 150,000. You need special permission to drive a taxi. If you’re in a fall, you do not want to file a suit against you. Uber and lifts do not seem to support me. Read their good print. If you get into a fall, your passengers may want to own your home. In most states, you need a driver’s license or taxi badge.

A number of scams will be ordered to get traffic or commercial licenses and bring a new order. The ministry has also ordered the states to avoid badges of driving commercial vehicles.

Autorickshaw and taxi drivers will be relieved because the road is expected to increase. Taxi, auto and e-rickshaw are easy to bring. But the ministry believes that private vehicles can depend on such vehicles on the road. According to a taxi expert, a taxi will have at least six private cars

Computations are limited in theory, and if a cab can replace six cars instead of replacing a car, 12 is good on our roads. However, the average private car driver or bicycle rider will not be able to respond to taking cabs because they are expensive everyday.

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