New Pipe Video Downloader App Review

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New Pip is a Youtube client using libraries that depend on Google’s framework or any Youtube API. The application is limited to UTe analytics to get the information you need. This means that this app can be used on other devices without Google services.

The best part about newpiece can not be used without Google services: it’s all other things. Videos like small size (or 2 megabytes) and other features such as playing small games or downloading. In fact, you can either download video or audio.You can choose a preferred resolution (default for 360p) in the configuration options of NewPipe. You can link an external video or audio player to play your videos. Of course, you can select the directory that you want to save all your downloaded video and audio files. Another interesting option allows you to force all the traffic on the road.NewPipe is a great YouTube client that allows you to download YouTube privacy. The best part is that you let music stream music in the background and you can do whatever you can with the official client.

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