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kerala government services are now at their fingertips. The state government’s M-Kerala App has reached the Google Play Store in a single app for all government departments. You can download it for free. At present there are 23 government departments. Over seventy certificates can be downloaded.


1. Apply Passport

2. Apply PAN card:

3. Registration of Marriage, Birth / Death Certificates Print Out:

4. Building tax:

5.Land Tax:

6. Electricity Bill:

7. BSNL phone bill:

8. Certificates available from Village Offices:

9. Payment of challan funds for various purposes:

10. To get a wooden auction from the state wooden depots:

11. To correct the mistakes of Aadhaar:

12. To add and edit the name of the voter list:

13. To apply for help from Chief Minister’s Relief Fund:

14. To register and rename the name on the Employment Exchange

What are Akshaya Centers? Why are they made? Are we certificates and other services available only through Akshaya? When we go to government offices for many certificates, we have the answers to the ears saying, “These are now through Akshaya and go to Akshaya.” But beware: We do not necessarily go to Akshay. Any citizen can voluntarily administer government services online.

With 95% of the things you do on the Akshaya Center, anyone with an Internet connection can do it with his own computer / smartphone. To scan documents you can use the app like CS scanner.

Many people do not know this. Then any purpose will run to Akshaya Center. There waiting for hours. They give them the cash (which charges the many axonal center as feeds). Akshaya centers have been established for those who have no computer / inter-tech knowledge.

Many people dependent on Akshaya Center will be better off using Internet and e-mail as well as home computers. And recharging on a mobile phone every month to use a good number.

The net accessory on our phone can be connected to the computer via Tethering / Hotspot system. Then any online activities can be done.

Then there’s a doubt. Where can I get the website address of government systems? is the official website address of the Government of Kerala. This site is a link to other government systems. Or just search Google on Google.

For example, suppose the building tax is to be paid in the panchayat. Open Google Pay pay property tax online in Kerala. Google will show you the way.

Remember: Akshaya centers are not government offices or government officials. Only private institutions that have been licensed to do government’s online services. You will only need to reach the Akshaya centers if you need it.

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