Best Screen Sharing Apps in 2018

Screen sharing basically sharing your Android smartphone’s screen with someone’s other device (be a mobile or PC). So you can see what you’re up to (or vice versa) on your phone remotely. In some cases, the device can be remotely controlled.

Screen sharing or screen mirroring can often make a life saver. Suppose you do not know how to use Instagram as a friend of yours. He or she lives in a different town. You can use screen mirroring to learn how to do it / him easily. And, say, you do not work on your PC or phone, screensharing is very effective.

This is your remote control app that lets you share your screen or control other Android devices. You can now get technical remote support for your mobile devices. Before you begin, you want to be a distributor or a helper. This allows you to easily share your Android with another user. Once connected, you can start a voice chat option, and come to their screen and lead them through their problem.

you need to share the Android screen through Remote Desktop. You need an Android screen sharing app to control Android from your desktop. Mac and Windows There are plenty of tools to share, and applications are not very common to share Android screen.

However, there are apps to share Android’s screen. With a simple app, you can manage Android from your PC or laptop. For PC You do not need to root your Android device as a suitable device to share the Android screen. Within seconds you can connect a desktop or laptop to your Android device through this share app.

How to share your android screen?

Sharing your Android screen is easy. All you need is to install two apps on your two devices and connect them together. However, there are a lot of applications that require that to do so. But some are bugs, some do not work smoothly. In this article, I’ve changed the best one. Here are the top ten screen sharing apps for Android in 2108

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