ProdNXT Impulse Intelligent Energy Saver Review

IMPULSE-Intelligent Energy Saver Spike guard automatically cut OFF power wastage with connected devices

I have connected my TV power supply and my Audio Amplifier to this smart extension board. Whenever, I switch off the TV, the power to the Audio Amplifier turns off automatically. Next time, when my TV is fired ON, the audio amp. receives the power. Before I bought this extension, my Audio Amplifier was always connected to the main wall power supply and it never gets turned off until i switch off the power to it manually. Now this is a great innovation. Furthermore, it has USB ports to charge the mobile phones..! The look and feel is Awesome..!!! Full credit to the developers.Guarantees 15-50% energyconservation for peripheral devices used with computer/television.Watch the video to auto cut off connected devices and hot plug facility

Intelligent energy saving spike guard with surge protection, premium extension cord features, USB charging &USB data transfer, universal sockets with individual switches & indicators – ProdNXT

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