WhatsApp Beta on Android

The whatsapp app beta test program for Android is an opt-in display and should be correct.

If you wish to join the App Beta, we have received the necessary steps below. Prior to that, caution – new beta versions are usually distributed as far as app updates are, which are quickly annoying and affecting more importantly unexpected app crashes. If you like to avoid that kind of pickle, you will be better off in whatsapp general manufacturing.

How to Join WhatsApp Beta for Android

  1. Open your browser’s choice open – Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.
  2. Go to the app beta test page on the Google Play website.
  3. Log in to a Google Account that you use on your Android device.
  4. If you have multiple account sign-in enabled, click on your User Account at the top right and select Selection.
  5. Click on “Become a Tester” button.

 whatsapp beta version 

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