A dream home for Rs 1 lakhs only : Budget House

This is the video of a home program in Manorama.The hose making spend just 1 lakh ,Learn more Watch the Malayalam video

We have a public understanding that we can only build your house if we build our goals. But the idea is to replace the Habitat Group with a house of Rs.100,000 in Thiruvananthapuram. Does not it sound like a miracle? It is a belief. But we know more about that miracle.

The total cost of building this house, which has only 360 square feet of land per second, is the only cost of Rs 95,000. Now, let’s go back to the dreams of a homeless home that can cost us a four-quarters salary.

For instance, if a person owning a storied 4000 or 5000 monthly income has a long-term housing loan of up to Rs 1 lakh, the average interest rate is 10.5% per annum. In urban areas, the families who rented a rent of Rs. 2500 or 3000 will get this way home with the financial gain and their own home.

There is no interest in small houses and simpler facilities in today’s time. That’s why lions and billions come to mind. But if you dream of a house like this, how much profit will you have?

We only need to build a home based economy. Without large debt obligations. Since then the financial position will improve as the number of rooms or number of floors or convenience increases.

In addition, we have to study homes in smaller places. Since the price of the place increases, it is better not to notice the space limit as a problem.

That is, the fact that everyone can build a house for 2 cents or a half cents is all the time to be identified.

You can enter the home plans of more than 150-150 square meters in size. Entry into the 420 * 240 Sway cm centimeters. The hall can be used as a dining room and a living room and a bedroom room where necessary.

The 270mm 240 suite centimeter is the size of the bedroom. This bedroom has a double coat cushion, table and shelf size. The kitchen is 180 * 150 square meters thick. Going out to Toyale is outside. The size of the toilet is 150 * 150 square centimeters.

When the economy improves, the second stage of the house can be built. Then the kitchen length was added to 3 meters. The width is old. Furthermore, the new bedspread is 300 × 270 square centimeter in size and the cost of construction is Rs. 3 lakh.

In the third stage, the stereo case is split half of the wall on the right side of the hole. The stair casing can be constructed in a capacity of 150 * 180 square centimeters from a toilet hole.

The second floor will have a bedroom size of 300 * 270 sq cm and a toilet size of 150 * 150 square meters. The cost of this 3 bedroom in two floors or just Rs 5 lakh.

One thing that seems impossible is that the Habitat group’s favorite G. A group of architects led by Shankar.

The cost of construction of this house is estimated by the construction wages and the cost of the goods that were then on. There is a possibility that today’s cost may be different.

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