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Kidney Federation of India primarily focuses on helping the poor people ,Share this information to all .This will certainly benefit kidney patients…


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The Kidney Federation of India is an autonomous non-governmental body dedicated to serving society with a new mission of bringing the lives of the poor to life and taking the life of every human being.The Kidney Federation of India focuses mainly on helping the kidneys affected by kidney transplantation, dialysis, and medical health.
We include activities related to kidney diseases, kidney bank donation, awareness raising on kidney bank.

Spread of kidney disease

Kidney Federation of India reports that in Kottayam district only 2 per cent of children have been diagnosed with kidney disease. Even young adults aged 20-22 will be affected by kidney disease by 2025. The main reason is urine secretion is due to urination.

Children with poliomyelitis kidneys have been diagnosed with a fifth step without proper treatment of timely diagnosis. Many people eat food when they are thin and swallowing without chewing. Children are unable to drink enough water to drink, sleep and eat.
Children do not eat chickpeas, pigeons, papaya, bananas, nutmeg, mangoes, fashion fruit and vodka. The report states that it is possible to have kidney disease in children, such as breastfeeding and pigmented parasitol. The kidney federation of India says.

At first you can control it

Dr. VN Unni (Senior Consultant Nephrologist and Chief of Medical Services, Aster Medcity)
Many kidney diseases can be deformed and controlled when detected early in life. It is of utmost importance to take medicines and supplements according to the recommendation of Kidney Disease. Early treatment of drugs and dietary supervision would be appropriate. Diabetes treatment requires more than 15% of kidney function. Dialysis is available in two ways. Peritonal Dialysis is a therapeutic method used in the thin skin that causes the intestines to lie inside the stomach. ‘Haemo dialysis’ is the process of cleaning the patient’s blood with the help of a device using an artificial kidney. Peritonal dialysis is preferable to younger children. A kidney transplant is performed as a treatment for permanent kidney patients. This surgery is not easy on very young children. They can be administered after a period of dialysis.

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