The Difference Between Credit Card and a Debit Card ?

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What Is the Difference Between Credit Card and a Debit Card? watch the malayalam video…

In this video, Sharique Samsudheen yotuber explain credit card basics in Malayalam. Watch the credit card, credit between credit card and debit card, the benefits of credit cards, the bad credit cards, how to credit credit trap, and how to overcome credit trap. Watch this video before you get a credit card on a educational video.

What is Debit Card?

Debit cards offer a credit card facility, but work in a different manner. Debt cards pay directly from your checking account when purchasing. They do this by placing a hold on the purchase amount. The merchant sends a transaction to their bank, which is transferred to the merchant’s account. This takes a few days to happen, and the hopes can be lost even before the transaction is completed.

What is credit card?

Credit card is a card that allows you to borrow from a credit line, rather than a credit card limited. You will use the card to make the basic transactions and reflect your bill.Interestingly: You will be charged interest on your purchases, however, you will not charge interest on monthly monthly transfer of your balance. Credit cards charge high interest rates, credit card balance and payment history affect your credit scores. Other facts about credit cards are as follows:

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