how to Change Aadhaar Details Online

how to Change Aadhaar Details Online . Aadhar Card Update/Correction- Address, Name, Mobile No Online….

Log in to the website of the Unique Identification Authority of India and log in with your Adhar. The ADA website will be modified using the tool Aadhaar Detail (Online). Here you will get a one-time password to login to the mobile number registered with the 12 digit Aadhar number.

It has three simple steps: uploading self attested documents for error correction, and selecting a BPO service provider. But to get a password to login, you have to enter the mobile number provided when applying for Aadhaar. You can log in with the OTP at a specified location. You can then choose to change what’s on the next page’s name, address, gender, birth date, address etc. Then you can enter the correct details.

Here we have to make sure that you are drawn into English by local languages. You will then be asked to submit valid proofing documents. You should upload your own certified copies by scanning the approved documents. Then the system and the BPO service providers will be needed. If this option is available, the Request Requested Number (Uran) will be available. It can print or download it. The application can then find the application later.

You can submit a passport, bank statement passbook, post office account / passbook, ration card, voter ID, driving license, water bill, telephone bill etc. to address the address in Adhar. Bills should not be more than three months old. If so, you can correct the mistakes in your Aadhaar very easily.

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