Online Registration for Indians Apply for Emigration

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Online Registration for Indians Apply for Emigration Clearance for ECR Countries..

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( How to registration watch video blow )

Online registration is mandatory for those going to the Gulf : The Central Government has set new rules for Indians working in 18 countries, including the Gulf countries. Before going to these places, the Ministry of External Affairs warned that if the website is not registered online, they would be evacuated from the plane. This will take effect from January 1, 2019. The Ministry of External Affairs issued a notification on November 14. Central Government Suggestions:

Who needs to register?

All Indians going abroad for entry into work visa must pass their mandatory registration with non-immigration inspection (Non ECR) passport. The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to be registered. This system has been experiencing experimental method for a year. That’s why it’s compulsory since January.

Which country do visitors have to register?

The government notification includes 18 countries. These countries are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Libya, Sudan and South Sudan.

Registration proceedings are as follows

The Ministry of External Affairs should register on the website The website should be filled in through the ECNR Registration link. Once the procedure is completed, SMS / e-mail will be available to verify registration.

Before leaving, or not, if you leave the plane : Those who do not need immigration inspection (non-ECR) passports must complete their registration at least 24 hours before departure. An unregistered non-e-mailed Indians will not be allowed to travel to the above 18 countries since January 1, The passengers will be let down from the plane by passengers traveling to the airport without registration. The process will begin from January 1. Though Indians work in many other countries, those who go to the Muslim majority countries with the largest expatriates In these 18 countries, Thailand and South Sudan are the only countries with relatively low Muslim population.

What are they to do on other visas?
This requirement is only mandatory for those working in a visa to 18 countries. In the other categories of visas, it is necessary to follow the existing procedures to go to these races. These are not changes.

Avoid doubt :
If there are any doubts about the new condition, it may be related to the Department of External Relief under the Ministry of External Affairs. You can contact the [email protected] at the toll free number 1800 11 3090 and the landline number 01140503090 (Charges applicable).

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