How to change date of birth in the SSLC Certificate

S.S.L.C. The date of birth is simplified.How to apply for change your birth date . Kerala- Procedure for correction in Date of Birth in SSLC certificate- You correct your date of birth in SSLC Certificate

The applicant should apply for revision of the date of birth within fifteen years after leaving the school for 15 years or leaving the SSLC examination. If the date of birth is applying for revision, please submit a special order to the Government to pardon the delay. For this purpose, the SSLC is the address of the Public Education Secretary, Government Secretariat Ans, Trivandrum. Book and Birth Certificate.

In the application to edit the date of birth, the applicant should record the details of all schools that have learned SSLC. The specific forum for application is available on the website The application will be submitted to the school that was last learned. After examining the examination of the school authority with the school documents, the Joint Commissioner shall be directed to the office of the Govt. Examination Commissioner, Examination, Poojappura, Trivandrum -12.

The applicant must include the original birth certificate issued by the local self-government body and the three certified copies along with the application. The essence of the SSLC book to revise the date of birth should also be with the application. Applicant should have a Identification Certificate from Village Office if not addressed by birth certificate.The fees for revising the date of birth in SSL Book Book should be at Rs 500 / ha with the application of the Treasury (Head of Account -0202-01-102-92) SC / ST who do not have to reserve the certificate of caste certificate.

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