How to change aadhaar card photo

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How to change aadhaar card photo ? you can’t change your photo on aadhaar online but the good news is that you can do it offline.


Many of us do not like to see the photo on the Aadhar card, which is the main cause of the photo and the lack of clarity. Many people have tried to put a good photo on the Aadhaar card. A lot of people do not get the Aadhaar card .

Aadhaar card photo can be changed online?

So when they come, D cards are displayed. The government gave permission for a few months ago to change the photograph on Aadhar card.
Aadhaar card in the photo, you can certainly change, but the process can be completed entirely online, so it is a comfort to erppetuttiyal with the government’s permission to be able to exploit or abuse nalkattat.curukkattil, you have to change the photo on the card, you probably will not visit the Enrollment Center If the Aadhaar card Send a photo to renew the application to the UIDAI.

There are two ways to change your photo on the Aadhaar card. There is no way to change the photo of the Aadhaar card through online media.

The first is to download the Aadhaar update form from the site Send the application form to UIDAI to re-issue the photo-updated card.

Photo update : The second option is to visit Aadhaar Enrollment Center and renew the photo on the Aadhaar card from there.With 2 weeks you will receive a recharge of Aadhaar card through recharging the photo along with these two ways. Apart from this, the fee is about Rs 15 for updating the photo

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