How To Upload Driving License and RC book Online to DigiLocker ?

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We all live in a digital age. As a result, it has become digital in all areas. However, the most important documents we use, such as driving license, voter ID and Aadhaar card, are still available in paper form. Therefore, they are more prone to damage. Digilocker is an app released by the government to keep all your important documents online in such a situation. In this way, all your important documents like driving license, voter ID, pan card and Aadhaar card can be stored digitally. They can also be submitted as a document in case of emergency. Learn more about the features of an application and how to use it.

What is the benefit of using DigiLocker application?

Digi Locker can be used with 100% confidence as it is an application released by the government. The app will be available when you type in DigiLocker on the Play Store on your phone, then install and open it. When you open the application, click on the 3 dot on the left side of the home page. Now when you select the issued document in the menu you get, if any of your government documents are linked to the Aadhaar card, you will automatically get the documents through this app. When you click on the issued document, you will get an option to enter your Aadhaar card number. If you click on it, you will get all the benefits from the government through this app.

By doing this you can verify by showing the digital documents in the application without having to show your original paper document in cases where all the identity documents are required in government institutions or private institutions. In cases where a driving license is required, you can show this application as soon as possible and do things related to driving license.

Using Scan QR code option
Government bills can be scanned and paid using the QR code. Now we know that in most places payments have to be made online. That is why most government institutions are making online payments. This feature can be very useful in all such situations.

All you have to do is scan the documents and upload it to the Digi Locker to keep all your important documents in a very secular and digital form.


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