electricity Smart prepaid meters in Kerala

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electricity Smart prepaid meters in Kerala..Electricity metering and billing are turning smart with the Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB)

Electricity measurement and billing are becoming a smart way to test smart meters using Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB).Prior to introducing customers with a monthly consumption of over 500 units or above, the KSEB will pilot the project in 50 households under the Electricity Department. KSEB officials said that 15 companies have been responding to the KSEB. A small list is expected soon.

Electricity prepaid recharge coupon will be available at KSEB offices and selected outlets. Cards up to Rs 5,000 will be provided from Rs 100. With this, billing and power disconnect will not happen. Only when the card expires will stop. Once the charge is recharged, the electricity will be started.

In order to implement this system, the current power meter can not be achieved. A specially prepared meter needs to be installed for this purpose. Metering will enable you to swipe pre-paid cards. KSEB is hoping to save power through the new project. Customers can understand the electricity consumption used by their pre-paid sum every day. This makes the user aware of the need to recharge again soon. He will try not to use more electricity. This will also encourage the family members. This can lead to fluid usage naturally. Kerala is the state where power is wasted on different stages of the year.

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