NoRKA to provide free air tickets Gulf to KERALA

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NoRKA to provide free air tickets Gulf to KERALA.. Kerala government’s Department of Non-Resident Keralites’ Affairs (NORKA) will provide free air-tickets

Minister KC Joseph said NORKA would help revenue expatriates who have not been able to come home for years. The plan to provide them with a free flight plan will begin soon. Those who have not been able to come home in the first phase can be helpful for a decade. Later, more will be given opportunity.

The minister said that the name should be registered on the website of Norka by themselves or by their relatives. NORKA Chief Executive Officer RS ​​Kannan said the facility would be ready at the website. The Malayalee organizations in the Gulf have informed that there are hundreds of Malayalees who can not come home anytime because of the high flight of the season. This project will be comforting to them.

After the discovery of these people, they will be able to come back to the country. Those who can not land for a long time will be given preference. There is a dream of ‘dream dream’ for those who have been jailed in the Gulf region. Most prisoners can not land because they are free of money.The dream dream of giving them a flight ticket. The new model will be implemented on the same model.

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