vehicle checking Traffic Police? Here are Your Rights and Things You Should Know

vehicle checking Traffic Police? Here are Your Rights and Things You Should Know.

Today, digitkerala shares some of the things you need to know when police checking your vehicles. Let’s look at the restrictions on how to park the vehicle when you’re on the car.

Whether you have a motor vehicle officer or a police caravan in a uniform, you need to stop the vehicle and record the documents. If you do not have to go through the documents, you have to change the habit, the law enforcement officers should come to you and check the documents. “If the original documents are in the hands of the 15 days, the license is mandatory.

There is no right to take the vehicle’s key without driving, and women should not be taken to the vehicle by the vehicle if the children have a notification from the spot. You can lodge a complaint with the Special Branch DYSP if there is a bad conduct of the officials. According to the law, the exercise of the vehicle should be treated decently. Share your thoughts.

The circular stated in the Police Headquarters in 2014 that police officers need to look after their vehicles are checked. Central Motor Vehicle Act of 1989

  • 1. The police officer who informs the vehicle should inform the police control room. District police chiefs should also realize this.
  • 2. If any of these persons are to be inspected, the District Police should inform the Control Room.
  • 3. If investigations are made to the inappropriate authorities, investigate and take action.
  • 4. The control room should be reported to the officials and kept there for the inspection of the officials involved in the inspection.
  • 5. The officers of the highway patrol vehicle should notify the highway alert control information about the location and time taken by the inspectorate. This information should be kept up to a week.
  • 6. The officials should properly wear uniform. Trends should not be exposed to the opening of the button, keeping the caps on the head, or hitting the cap or elsewhere. Name and employer should be displayed in Uniform to help them identify themselves.
  • 7. District Police Officers shall be periodically monitoring and inspecting the terms and conditions of the vehicle through the District Special Branch and any other collection information.
  • 8. Do not check in areas outside of traffic without checking. Vehicle inspection should not be checked at narrow roads and twists.
  • 9. Vehicle examination mainly targets the reduction of accidents. Not the completion of the peak numbers.
  • 10. The priority should be given to the accidents that cause road accidents such as sudden turn-by-turn rotation, extreme driving, dangerous driving, drunk driving, left overloading, traffic congestion, parking of accidents and night vision lighting. Tot.
  • 11. If the driver is a man, he must address a friend or a friend, or a woman called ‘madam’ or sister.
  • 12. The time of examination should be treated in a decent manner. Especially when women are driving alone or with family members or senior citizen, do not under any circumstance cause any unnecessary hardship. Traveling to trappings can be made aware of traffic safety.
  • 13. The legal violation found at the end of the test should indicate that they are legally penalized, penalized under any section of the Motor Motorola and that they have the right to go to court without a penalty.
  • 14. No matter what the test may be, it does not behave self-control or behave in a manner that is not appropriate. Such incidents can be copied on mobile phones or video captures as many times as possible.
  • 15. If the behavior of the employee is disrespectful and in the manner in which the person is subjected to torture, it should be taken by the superiors to take legal action.
  • 16. Police officers must behave in a fair and transparent manner before the inspection. The law must be discouraged unnecessarily and the time-consuming test for the driver must be discouraged.

Only the Police Officer or Transport Officer in the uniform has the power to check the vehicle. Show autograph only after the name of the official arriving at uniform in the name of the placement of the placement. The motor traveler has the right to ask for the official name of the officer, identity card and the batch number if there is no need for unemployment.
The law does not give the authority to seize the vehicle for a vehicle constable.

The fact is that the constable is not allowed to ask for the pollution of the vehicle. Because the RTO has the power to check the pollution logs.

Moreover, the traffic police does not give the law the power to seize the vehicle as it passes the car.
Under Traffic Act, only those who are above the Assistant Sub Inspector have the right to enter traffic violations, give notice and fine. On the other hand, Assistant Sub Inspector and Sub Inspector can get fine on the spot.
Those below the Assistant Sub Inspector are entitled to only report traffic violations and related vehicle numbers.

In what conditions can traffic police capture license?
Traffic Police get your license P. If you cross the red traffic signals

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