You can make a Portable 12V freezer for your car

You can make a Portable 12V freezer for your car…


12V thermoelectric peltier refrigeration cooling cooler fan system heatsink kit. Simple operation, convenient to use and strong practicability. Fast cooling, outstanding effect. Need 12v dc 6a power, but this module without power, without thermometer.

Portable 12v Fridge Cool Box 7 Liters

You really like camping. You want to have long lasting days in the jungle with your jeep. Or the stadium will have a party that will span all day long. You may have a big family in order to eat for a week’s tender camping trip, and do not have a cold cooler with your winter ice sheets. For portable 12 voltage fridges you need a refrigerator review.You’ve found your refrigerator reviews! Now there is something like a real 12 watt refrigerator that can be your new friend.

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