Do You Know What These Numbers Mean On Train Coaches

Do You Know What These Numbers Mean On Train Coaches ? The details of the Indian Railway train number system have been disclosed. Check the details.

Those who do not rely on trains for long distance trips. The railway is the lifeline of India.The widest rail network in India is a major solution to traffic congestion. The main reason for train traffic in India is to travel long distances.There will be no one who does not travel on the train. The coaches are on the look out. Have you noticed the secret code recorded in train coaches? Do you know what this means?

Some of these train coaches have been recorded in India. Usually, the number of coaches from four to six digits is placed in coaches.The first two digits of this code indicate the year that the coaches were built. If the code is 8439 for example, the coach was built in 1984.

However, this code does not go through a few trains, such as Rajdhani Express. The rest of the code indicates whether the coach is sleeping or not.The code for 001-025 means AC First Class. 025-050 indicates First AC and AC Tier coaches together.As long as the AC line tier coaches are up to 050-100, the 101-150 codes indicate AC 3 tier coaches.

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