How to change your address and name Aadhaar card online

How to change your address and name Aadhaar card online..Only those individuals who have registered their valid mobile number with Aadhaar will be able to update it online.

Aadhaar card should provide the complete and proper information of the person. But what if there is something wrong with the Aadhaar card, but no longer need tension. If you have any errors in Aadhaar, you have the opportunity to edit it online. For example, think of the person’s name or the name of the father is wrong, that is how the corrections should be given.

How to update Aadhar card

  • Login to Aadhar Self Service Update Portal
  • Enter Aadhaar card number
  • In the registered mobile number you will get an OTP number
  • Then press the submit.
  • Then the field to edit must be marked as correctly
  • You can click on the submission update request button
    Verify will be shown, click on
  • Then proceed.Submitting subsequent proof documents.
  • Once updated, your application’s status must be checked. You will then get an update request number (URN)

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