Make an Simple Motion Sensor Light! ( PIR )

Hmeed orbit you tuber today introducing today introducing about PIR motion sensor light . Make an Simple Motion Sensor Light! ( PIR ) Make an Small & Simple Motion Sensing Light with Less Hassle and Less Components.

This project is a DIY Smart Lite Adapter – It aims to create a Smart Light Bulb based on a PRI sensor on your regular light bulb (can be a CFL or LED lamp). The final output would be a light bulb, based on a movement around a particular area within the PR sensor area that is normally connected to the light.

With the help of a PR sensor, the common bulb is converted into a smart bulb. The action of the sensor is such that the angular position sensor can be adjusted so that the baton holder of the original position does not affect the human passage of the sensing. This is achieved by using a 3.5mm stereo jack and its socket.

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