How to pay vehicle insurance online in Kerala 2022

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In the context of the corona, going out for anything essential is something we all dread today. In such a scenario many people are wondering how to pay for auto insurance without going directly to the institution or agent on the date of renewal of auto insurance. You also can renew your auto insurance through the Policy Bazaar app without having to submit any documents while sitting at home for a very short period of time in this digital age. This way you can make a huge profit. Check out how to renew auto insurance through Policy Bazaar and what other benefits you can get from it.

If you are renewing your insurance by approaching an insurance agency, you can spent about 40% more than online.

There are two major types of auto insurance policies available today. The first is third party car insurance and the second is comprehensive car insurance. If you opt for third party insurance, you will get the benefit of insurance for all the damages associated with the vehicle and thus for the person who dies. But if you choose the comprehensive method, you will get insurance for all types of damage to your vehicle apart from third party coverage.

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You can currently renew your insurance online and offline. However, if you opt for offline, the policy can be renewed with the help of an insurance agent. Alternatively, you can contact your nearest branch or contact the insurance provider by phone. But if you opt for the online method, you can visit the website of the motor insurance company and make a policy purchase or opt for the policy agent, the insurance broker.


If you intend to renew your insurance online, some of the main benefits you will get are very little paperwork, no need for the help of an insurance agency, you can make a profit more easily than you do directly, do it at home easily, renew the policy instantly, only for a short time All you have to do is compare it with different insurance companies, choose the one that suits you, easily check the insurance credibility, save the insurance in soft copy form and have the facility to easily endorse the policy.



Also, you can renew your insurance at home at any time, renew the policy in a highly secured form, modify the existing policy using add-ons, transfer the policy from the existing company to another insurance company, and transfer things very transparently, NCB facility available. Other notable features include the ability to take advantage of bonuses.

How To Renewal Your Auto Insurance Online Using Policy Bazaar App?

Step 1:Select and install the Policy Bazaar app on the Play Store.

Step 2:Choose the vehicle from which you want to renew your insurance.

Step 3:Enter your vehicle number and click GET DETAILS. Now you can see all the information about your vehicle. Click on the red button below it.

Step 4:Now you can see the different premium amount depending on the value of your vehicle, different companies charge different amount, from which you can choose the one that suits you.

Step 5:Once you have selected the premium you want, you can enter your details i.e. name, address, phone number on the next page. Fill correctly and click the Continue button.

Step 6:Enter the name and age of the nominee. Click the Continue button again.

Step 7:Provide information such as your vehicle number and engine model. You can do this by looking at the RC of the vehicle. Then click on Verify Premium.

Step 8:Then you can see the difference in the amount of premium that your old premium renewed premium has to be paid to the vehicle every year. Click Save and Proceed.

Step 9:You can see the number of years for which the premium is selected and the premium amount including GST. Verify all the details once again and click on the pay button.

Step 10:You can pay the insurance amount using any of the online payment methods. Once the payment is made, you can keep the renewed insurance of the vehicle on the downloaded through your phone. You will receive the insurance related paper along with the phone number and email id you provided earlier. Insurance details can be found in the My Policy section of the Policy Bazaar app. It can be downloaded and used in PDF format.


So you no longer have to contact other companies or agents to renew your auto insurance. You can renew insurance at home in the same way by getting paid in a very short amount of time using your own phone.

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